How to use country-specific keyboards with Linux

3 min read

Linux is a pain when you try to use it with a non-US keyboard that has ‘special’ keys, for example for the Scandinavian Å, Ä and Ö characters. This post explains how I got everything working as it should. Keep reading

When and why to use TypeScript

6 min read

TypeScript has its benefits, but there are also costs associated with using it. In this blog post, I present my opinion on when and why it makes sense to use TypeScript. Keep reading

How to add object fields conditionally

2 min read

This blog entry shows a clean way to add properties to a JavaScript object conditionally, without polluting it with undefined properties. This is the simplest and cleanest way I have seen to accomplish this. Keep reading

The new

3 min read

Whipped up a new blog using Hugo. Keep reading

How to Organise Remote Work for High Productivity

6 min read

The popularity of remote work is on the rise, and in the past weeks, the demand has seen exponential growth. In this article, I’m presenting the top three practises of improving the efficiency of remote work. Keep reading

Functional Programming tricks for simplifying and improving code

6 min read

Functional Programming (FP) can make your code simpler. In this blog post, I describe some FP tricks you can use to turn your code more readable, testable, and maintainable. Keep reading

Career Options for Ageing Developers

8 min read

Best career options for ageing developers 17 January 2020 The half-life of a programmer is short. According to this New York Times article from 1998, only 19% of programmers are still working as programmers 20 years after they started their career as a programmer. Six years after finishing college, 57 percent of computer science graduates are working as programmers; at 15 years the figure drops to 34 percent, and at 20 years — when most are still only in their early 40’s — it is down to 19 percent. Keep reading

Why you should learn Functional Programming

6 min read

Learning Functional Programming (FP) makes you a better programmer. I explain my journey with studying and learning FP. I started as a hard-core Object-Oriented Java enthusiast, and I’m now turning into an FP-oriented JavaScripter. Keep reading