When and why to use TypeScript

6 min read

TypeScript has its benefits, but there are also costs associated with using it. In this blog post, I present my opinion on when and why it makes sense to use TypeScript. Keep reading

How to add object fields conditionally

2 min read

This blog entry shows a clean way to add properties to a JavaScript object conditionally, without polluting it with undefined properties. This is the simplest and cleanest way I have seen to accomplish this. Keep reading

Functional Programming tricks for simplifying and improving code

6 min read

Functional Programming (FP) can make your code simpler. In this blog post, I describe some FP tricks you can use to turn your code more readable, testable, and maintainable. Keep reading

Why you should learn Functional Programming

6 min read

Learning Functional Programming (FP) makes you a better programmer. I explain my journey with studying and learning FP. I started as a hard-core Object-Oriented Java enthusiast, and I’m now turning into an FP-oriented JavaScripter. Keep reading